"Whatever's been done to you, or said to you, whatever's hurt your heart and shaken your soul, I promise you, there's a pathway out of the pain that will lead you to back to wholeness, contentment, and peace."

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Our new website will be ready soon. In the meantime if you'd like to contact us,

please email: alison@chooseakinderthought.com

Publishing January 2021. Please leave your email address below and I will send you a free chapter and artwork from the book.

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One-Minute Meditations

We have original artwork, books, digital courses, one-minute-meditations, daily tarotcle readings and much more all designed to help get you back on the path to peace of mind and self-compassion. 

And something really special for a limited time, free of charge, for five people only is an invitation for 3 sessions of personal coaching from me! Click the envelope to accept my invitation to discover more...

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One-Minute Meditations coming soon...

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